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Hi everybody. I joined hubpages on my friends  recommendation and I am loving it. Its a great place to meet people and read varied views on an almost infinite number of topics.

By writing on Hubpages daily, I am learning to explore my creative side, improve my writing skills and basically enjoy  my self. I like writing on various topics as varied from computing to Human Relationships.

I would also like to recommend some blogs where some very different view on some topics you would'nt even have thought of for eg.   http://adifferenttakeonelife.blogspot.com . I love watching movies, especially hindi and one of my favourite movie review blog is http://thelatesthindimoviereviews.blogspot.in

I would be delighted for you to read my articles and offer your comments on how to improve them and maybe even suggest some topics on which I could write (Due credit shall be given :) ) And if you would like to join Hubpages (which I highly recommend), Click here to sign up and get hooked !!!!!

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    How to Plan A Trip To Lakshadweep and Minicoy Islands

    2 years ago

    Options for Tourism in Lakshadweep and Minicoy Islands are limited and area presently controlled by the State Government. The best way to visit is to avail of various Lakshadweep tourism Packages offered by Lakshadweep ...

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    A Letter to my Mother-in-Law

    2 years ago

    As it emerges, a woman is a woman's worst enemy and for a wife the mother-in-law is most of times a "Monster in Law". Why Mother in laws have a bone to pick with their daughter in laws only god can tell, but...

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    Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage-Pros and Cons

    3 years ago

     How many people today in the world would agree that marriages are made in heaven and executed on Earth? Well, My guess is that not many. In fact, many people just balk at the idea of spending ones life with a...

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    EBook Readers Vs Tablet PC's - Kindle,iPad vs Tablet Pcs

    2 years ago

    This article shall help you to figure out whether you should buy an Ebook Reader or Tablet PC. It brings out some important parameters to consider while making the decision.

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